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The Kiss Shading Ltd. is a 24 years working in a family business. Initially 3 people employed, has widened the consumer population and the wide range of goods in accordance with the number of employees 12 has grown.

The center and the size of the garage has increased in parallel with the development of business; one 20 m2 small basement workshop Departing, After moving the business more, today is a 800 m2, it works in the sixteenth. District.

Was part and parcel of the development, in terms of the previously family-run small companies cégformáját, has been transformed into a limited liability company.

In addition, more, than 10 years, we operate a showroom as well, where visitors can view áruválasztékunkat, a wide range of colors and you can place orders for the products, or claim, A representative of the company that we visit them in their homes, and having personally talked with him, that are best suited to the needs of the customer products, complete the survey.

Production and distribution of the main profile of our enterprise shading devices in Hungary, domestic and foreign manufacturers of products sold. Additional products for windows and doors, Dutch exclusive furniture and garden furniture is sold.

The company uses the most modern materials raw material manufacturing and service companies have a contract and constantly keeping abreast of market trends, developments.

As was typical in the past, our business in the accuracy and precision, We will continue to work workshop precise and secure service background in the service of our partners and we hope, to all our customers satisfied as you can hold accountable.

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